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We offer a wide range variety of services for Real Estate buyers and investors looking for opportunities in Puerto Rico(USA). We provide the information, do the research, identify opportunities, advise and know-how to ensure your investment resources are maximized. We can handle all the key processes  involved in acquiring a commercial, residential, multifamily, land or any other real estate investment option. 

  • You can benefit from our vast experience. Our customers benefit and have access to multiple market intelligence resources that will help you to take wise investment decisions. Our  Real Estate investment specialist, with over 15 years of experience, will help you with all the research and processes to acquire your desired property. 
  • Get access to over 1,000 Real Estate investment opportunities that are being auctioned in Puerto Rico. Access the resources available for you including digital listings of auctions, values and appraisals, description and legal aspects  of the properties under the auction process. 
  • Our secure portal gives you key and important information about your next Real Estate investment purchase. You will find online reports that provide you details of the properties under an auction process. Once you select best your investment option, our staff of professionals will take care to develop an investment and purchasing plan for you. 

Service A 

Auctions Digital Listings 

We are focused on collect, organize and present all the information related to public and private auctions in Puerto Rico. Provide detailed reports of properties that are on auctions including key data to support your buying decisions. Search to find real estate investment opportunities in our auction listing. We provide reports including: 

  • Description of the property
  • Observations and key details of the property in auction
  • Judgement (public auction)
  • Addresses and maps to locate the property (detailed images per request)
  • Date and place of the auctions
  • Auction prices
  • Variety of goods under auction process 

We offer you the tools and technology, such as customized listing of the properties under the auction process, to preview suggested possible investment opportunities based on your search criteria from the comfort of your own home.


Services B

Need to Sell or Buy a Property?

Whether buying or selling, we have the essential tools and resources available to help you accomplish your objectives. The real estate market has evolved in Puerto Rico offering excellent investment opportunities in this U.S./Caribbean island. 

If you are an experienced investor or a first-time home-buyer, our Real Estate professionals can help you identify the right property, help you negotiate the right price, and guide you through each step of the buying process. We help you determine your objectives and what is important to you. 

We offer you the latest tools and technology, such as customized listing searches of the properties under the auction process, to preview suggested possible investment opportunities based on your search criteria from the comfort of your own home. Our experienced and qualified advisers are eager to help by managing your time and setting up home tours designed specifically for you.

Selling a property in the Puerto Rico market requires strategic marketing, research, networking and a vast knowledge of the local market. We have the marketing savvy, connections and network accomplish your selling efforts, we work on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today to discuss your special need or circumstance and to see how we can help you. 

Services C

Legal Services 

Our goal is your protection when engaging in Real Estate or any other legal process. Legal processes are sometime difficult, also the purchase of and/or sale of a property could be very a significant and potentially stressful event. Let us help you making the whole experience as smooth as possible.  We have the professional staff equipped to prepare and review documents relating to your Real Estate needs such as:  purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents. Real estate attorneys also often handle closings – that is, when an individual or entity purchases a piece of real property from another person or entity.

  • Purchase agreements
  • Title documents and studies 
  • Transfer documents 
  • Mortgage documents 
  • Declaration of heirs / Inheritance rights
  • Wills and others based on any specific case. 

Services 4

What is your Property Worth?

Experience in Real Estate value opinions, appraisals and consulting assignments, including residential, multi-family, commercial, land and condominium. Provide valuation on investment opportunity properties located in Puerto Rico marketplace. Consulting and value opinion services to private buyers, independent investors, corporations, financial institutions, businesses, the legal profession and others. 

  • Single family residential units
  • Residential income properties (single and multi-family)
  • Commercial properties
  • Land 
  • Condominiums

Services 5

Find Other Essential Services for your Real Estate Needs! 

Additionally, you may need other line of services closely related to your Real Estate investment, buying or selling goals, also to help you better understand the investment and auction process.  in terms of the multiple services offered are: 

  • Group seminars 
  • Personalized training and mentoring service
  • Rent management
  • Buyer/Investor representation in auctions
  • Due diligence in public agencies (CRIM, Registry of Real Estate/Properties, Court House expedients, among others)
  • Research and market intelligence on specific properties on a case by case basis. 

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