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Is this a good time to invest in Real Estate in Puerto Rico?

Different factors are making this one of the best times to invest in Puerto Rico’s real estate. The two main factors are: low prices and tax incentives which represent an excellent opportunity for investment. In Puerto Rico, you can find stunning beachfront properties for 50 – 70% lower than Miami and other popular beach locations.

In addition, other factors to consider about why to invest in this Caribbean market are:

  • U.S. territory benefits: As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico enjoys benefits not shared by other Caribbean islands. Puerto Rico has access to extensive U.S. disaster resources.  Power and water systems, roads, bridges, telecommunication structures, among others are constructed following U.S. standards. U.S. citizens can travel without a visa or passport to and from Puerto Rico and it’s a 2 to 2.5 hours trip from most Florida airports. Because Puerto Rico operates under the U.S. system, the U.S. dollar is the local currency used minimizing any currency risk. The mortgage and financial systems also operates under the U.S. regulations. 
  • AirBnB Market / Tourist rentals: Lodging prices in Puerto Rico are relatively high versus other Caribbean locations, AirBnB and other tourist rental options are the new trend. For investors, this represents a major opportunity and advantage. Investors may be able to leverage higher ROI (returns on investment)  than traditional rental options. Puerto Rico is considered a sought destination in the Caribbean region. 
  • Tropical beauty and natural attraction: Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise but also has a changeling climate, with temperatures averaging between  75 to 90 degrees all-year-round.
    It is a fact that you will see gorgeous beaches with white sand and blue sea. The tiny island of Puerto Rico is rimmed by more than 270 miles of glittering coastline with surf-worthy waves, and coral reefs.

The financial decline that has continued for the past 9 years is being addressed by the local government. Multiple structural changes are being made to contribute to the rebuild of the local economy. 

Law 20 (Global Service Industry Headquarters) and Law 22 (Individual Resident Tax Heaven) are examples of the tax incentives that the Puerto Rico government has implemented to promote the economic development of the Island. The purpose of these laws is to encourage wealthy investors to establish residence and headquarter global service-sector businesses in Puerto Rico. 

Under Act 20, qualified businesses are taxed a flat 4% versus the 39% and soon-to-be 20% rate to businesses based in the U.S. Eligible companies enjoy 100% exemption on property taxes, in addition to tax exemption on dividends, interest, and capital gains. To qualify, business owners and investors need to reside on the island for a minimum of 183 days per year.

Act 22. Also called the Individual Investors Act, applies to individuals who gain Puerto Rican residency a personal tax rate of 0%. Under Act 22, individuals enjoy 100% tax exemption on Puerto Rico-sourced dividends, interest, and certain capital gains. To qualify, investors must become Puerto Rican residents.

Once you’ve determined if Puerto Rico is a good choice for your investment strategy, please contact us to review different alternatives based on your interest and come up with a tailored made plan that suit your objectives. We have the right staff to guide our strategic investors. 

Why the public auction process?

A public auction is an auction held on behalf of a government in which the property to be auctioned is either property owned by the government, or property which is sold under the authority of a court of law or a government agency with similar authority. This another way to buy real estate for investment or personal use.  


There are different reasons why a private property may be sold in a public auction. Probably it was seized through a governmental process to satisfy a judgment rendered by a court or agency, or to liquidate a mortgage foreclosure, tax lien, or tax sale. Usually, prices obtained at a public auction to satisfy a judgment are much lower than the price which would be obtained for that property if the seller were free to hold out for an optimal time to sell. In Puerto Rico (same as in United States) , public auctions to satisfy judgments are usually conducted under the authority of the sheriff of the county or city in which the property to be auctioned was seized, and an auction held for such a purpose is also called a Sheriff’s sale.


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